An Undesirable Direction

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do. — Andrew Carnegie

We are being manipulated. The sad fact is we allow it because we don’t have enough respect for ourselves to stop it. We allow ourselves to be told what we can eat, how we must live, what cars we are allowed to drive, where we can send our kids to school and where we can’t, what they can study and what they can’t study (and the parents be damned), where we can pray and when (if ever), shoot we can’t even fly the American flag without getting evicted, or the threat of, from our homes. Of course this is only a short list of the restrictions placed upon us by those who know how to live our lives better than us.

And who are these people who know better than us? Why they are the saviors of our nation, our current crop of politicians.

I had a recent experience which reinforced what I already knew. I had to make a stop yesterday and in the parking lot I heard two individuals, not talking but yelling just how rotten this government is. Their words almost exactly (profanity excluded). You could hear them across the parking lot because I was across the parking lot. The point is this is not the first time this issue has occurred in front of me and I know it won’t be the last.

I want to re-emphasize that we have the best form of government on the face of the planet but our current crop of politicians makes Napoleon Bonaparte look like an amateur. Our current leadership, on all sides of the isle has absolutely no clue just how angry the population is. These elitist insulate themselves from the public and being the “brightest” among us pretend to know how and what we are thinking. If only they could really read our minds, which is not very hard to do at the moment, their attitude would get a heart stopping jolt of realism.

People are mad, frustrated and ready to act. You think the Occupy movement is getting bad, just wait until the election of 2012, then tell me about revolt. The Occupy moment only reinforces the belief that government agencies are out of control and our elected representatives are not listening to the people, which is correct on both counts.

The establishment types in Washington have turned a deaf ear to the real problems facing us and they don’t care. The election of 2010 was a warning shot, the electorate purposely divided the government in order to create gridlock and stop the spending madness. The results of 2012 will be even more interesting and more disastrous to the Washington establishment.

I don’t anticipate Washington changing within the next year, but I do anticipate the rise of the Tea Party to eclipse the previous events. Of course I know what will happen, more of the same old demonization of those who want smaller government and more accountability. No matter, the end result is all that counts. I foresee more Tea Party candidates assuming office, hence removing the establishment types much to their unbelieving dismay. But it’s not like they weren’t warned what was coming. It was they, the establishment who chooses to turn a deaf ear and blind eye. Pink slips anyone?

How can I be so sure drastic change is going to happen? Because people are frustrated and angry. We are tired of established politicians telling us what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. We are not their slaves, at least not yet. And many of us intend to keep our freedom by doing whatever we can (such as this blog) and most importantly – Voting.

It is common knowledge that Democrats steal elections, we have years of proof in that matter. It is also common knowledge that Republicans are spineless yellow cowards who are more afraid of their own shadow than the electorate. Why should they be afraid of the average voter? After all it is we the individuals who have failed in our duty to supervise and hold accountable the election process.

Even today lawsuits are being prepared to stop states from implementing voter ID laws. It is so difficult to cheat when accountability exists and these politicians know it. Still they don’t worry because for decades we the people have let them get away with their shenanigans. We only have ourselves to blame for this sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in.

We let the news media tells us, on the Republican side, who our Presidential contender will be. We let the news media dictate to us how our Presidential contender will act. We let the news media control our very thinking, dictate our very actions, and manipulate us into believing we are the party responsible for all the ills of the world. And we do so willingly.

Why? Because we have no self-esteem, no solid direction, and no feeling of self-reliance. We, as individuals allow others to dictate everything we do. But I suggest to you that times are changing and the day of the manipulation is coming to an end. The writing is on the walls and the liberals can see it.

Fear is a powerful motivator and liberals of all stripes are beginning to feel the touch of fear. The liberal establishment is losing control of their monopoly and this is something they cannot tolerate. Still they feel themselves helpless to prevent the on-coming tsunami of change.

How do I know this? Because people are angry. An individual will only tolerate so much before the feeling of revolt sets in. In this country we have a revolt every two years, it is called an election and the results of that election can change the course of a country instantly.

The election of hope and change has given way to the reality of misery and despair. Individuals feel lost and hopeless. The people live in fear, poverty, and helplessness. And it should not be this way.

But even today with all the wrong that is happening real hope and change can occur. Real hope and change begins in the heart, fueled with a desire to become something better. Political banter aside it is the individual who can change the environment from negative to positive simply by changing their attitude from fear to accountability. A man or woman must decide to take accountability and ownership for their own life and then establish a plan to make their life better and more productive. This is exactly what I did.

I am a long way from being where I want to be, and I still have the problem of too much month at the end of the money. But that does not stop me from writing these blogs and holding me accountable for my actions. I know in my heart I am on the correct path to not only individual freedom but financial freedom as well. It is not easy and some days the effort seems all in vain. But I will not stop; I will not be deterred because I have learned one lesson extremely well from liberals: Persistence conquers all.

Yes our nation is in a downfall and the radical liberal left is determined to expedite the process. They dictate to us who our Presidential contender will be, who our Senators will be, and who our Congressmen will be. Then they do everything in their power to ensure their dictates become a reality.

But I refuse to submit to an undesirable direction of their choosing. Instead I tend to focus on how I can improve myself, how I can be a better man, and what actions I can take to help others realize just how powerful they themselves can be. Simple steps to be sure, but one simple step after another has been known to move mountains.

So I ask you: Are you satisfied with this direction of “hope and change” or do you need something better? It is a question only you and you alone can answer.