If you know someone suffering from politically induced self-defeatism and despair, then:

Welcome to GPMCC

Home of The Politics of Self-Improvement
Your ability to improve and enrich yourself is a politicians worst nightmare and your portal to happiness and success.


You are unique. There is no one else like you anywhere within this universe.
This uniqueness makes you a threat to certain political and media elements because you are powerful,
A force to be reckoned with.
Hence these elements will do everything in their power to control and manipulate you. They will use every force at their disposal to ensure you stay obedient to them.
These political elements consider themselves above you, they demean you, and they demand your loyalty.
But you are better than they, stronger than they are, and more important than they are.
You are one of a kind.

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Think About It...

Why do you allow yourself to be dictated by the terms of political correctness? What is it about political correctness that entices you? How does political correctness improve your life?

When looked at via the emotional lens of the human element political correctness makes perfect sense. It cares, it emanates compassion, it strikes the emotional cord which dwells within each of us. It is the perfect life.

But when we look at in within reality, away from the rose-colored glasses what is see is something completely different. We see hate and misery. Lots of misery. We see lies and the destruction of good people. We see lives destroyed, families torn apart, and children murdered before they are even born.

We witness despair, hunger for something better, but denied. We see wasted lives and death, both mental and physical. We see black lives matter but via the racist vision of would-be dictators. For these tyrants no lives matter, except the political correct ones. If even that.

We see San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. We see everything except the promise of utopia. In fact all we see is evil, evil intent, and the results of evil management. Buildings rotting, homes which once housed life now only vagrancy. Welcome to the inner cities where politicians promise the moon but deliver only more destruction.

So I ask again, what is so great, so fantastic about political correctness? And why do you embrace it?

Maybe it's something to think about.

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Values for a Better Life

What are values? How do you know a value? When you see it? When you feel it? Can you actually explain what a value is? Can you define it?

These were questions I myself was having problems answering so I went looking for answers. What I found is what inspired this section and me being me I didn't want to keep the answer to myself.

Now anybody can find these answers if they want to, if they have a desire to but the sad fact is, most people, especially young people don't what to know what values are, much less ethics and morality. Why? Because we have allowed liberalism and political correctness to dictate the way we think, what we think, and the way we are suppose to feel and act.

Political correctness is destroying this country and we the people have allowed it. Why? Because Hollyweird, the elite media, and politicians have decided that values are "old fashion" and need to be discarded, if not down-right outlawed. Yet our values are the only thing which holds this country together. If we lose them we lose the country, and our way of life.

Values can be either good or bad, it all depends upon you, your personality, what you think, and how you feel. For me I look at values as a positive thing, something to look up to, to strive for, and to help me understand there is more to life than just my small vision of the world.

In order to help understand values I have included three values on this page. Each time I update this page these values will change, however instead of waiting on me to address them I am providing the link to where I got them: The Steve Pavlina website. This way you can select those values which mean the most to you. And hopefully apply them to your life.


Values to Consider and Apply Daily

ACHIEVEMENT: Something done successfully.

DILIGENCE: Careful and persistent work or effort.

EMPATHY: The ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

The Politics of Self-Improvement

Promoting Prosperity and Growth Though Self-Reliance

Exactly what is the Politics of Self-Improvement?

Simply stated it is a method to illustrate how the politics of today is affecting your life in a most negative way. It is to encourage you to become the best you can be by rising above political correctness and the impact of negative social media.

There are numerous self-help websites on the internet today but no one has ever thought about self-improvement in a political way, that is until this website came along. Consider the following facts, and they are facts:

  • It is not God who keeps you in poverty but rather politicians who demand your loyalty by "giving" you "free" stuff.
  • There is nothing noble about being poor — only the stupid and ignorant believe that and this conviction is encouraged by both the politicians and the main stream media.
  • There is nothing evil in desiring more. Liberals demand more all the time. And they demand you give them more.

By keeping you poor and discourage the political entities of today know you will obey their every whim. This belief is supported by the main stream media which themselves are as corrupt as the politicians themselves. Social media follows the same formula and has become a cesspool of lies, more lies, and liberalism.

There is nothing noble about being a liberal, in fact it is a gutless choice because it is so easy to be a liberal. Liberalism demands feelings and emotions, not critical thinking. Hence everything a liberal does always fails. And it always will. Is there an alternative?


And that alternative is what this website is all about. True there are other items on this website other than politics but to encourage you to become your best is the primary focus. I let that issue get away from me lately, but I've never forgotten about it.

Setting Priorities

I let life get in the way of my mission, to encourage you to be your best. And you cannot be your best as long as you let politics dictate your life. You may think politics has no effect on you, but you are wrong. Politics controls every aspect of our lives these days, freedom is now a by-word and a memory. But there is hope and it starts with you. How?

The first step is recognition. Once you realize how politics controls your actions you can actually set priorities for you life and work around those political controls. Politics cannot control you if you don't permit. The problem is, and it is a problem not a challenge, most people do not recognize how deeply engrained politics is in their day-to-day existence. But now you know, and knowing is at least half the battle.

Now you must determine what is really important in your life – mindless television or your family. You and you alone must set that priority.

Despite the best effort of political correctness you and you alone can and must determine the course of your life.